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Beer candles


Our beer candles are made from original reusable, dishwasher-safe beer glasses.
The transparent gel wax is based on harmless medical white oil.
The “foam” is made of paraffin wax.

Our standard production

We also fill glasses delivered by the client with beer wax.
From single glasses up to  runs over 100000 units.
Please note therefore the permission of the trademark owner (the brewery) is required!

We make every beer color  :Pils, Export, light and dark wheat beer, with or without yeast turbidity, dark beer.

Milk, coffee, cocoa, orange juice, cloudy or whiskey with ice cubes are mentioned here only in passing!
Everything in 100% original look!

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Our 30 m long cooling conveyor. Beer- and other candles can cool down here on the way from production to packing.

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Burning test